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Silver Ash (simplified Chinese: 银色灰尘; traditional Chinese: 銀色灰塵; pinyin: Yínsè huīchén) is China's first visual kei band. They formed in the year 2000 and are located in Beijing. Their music is a mix of glam rock and goth rock. The original line-up included Ling (vocals), Lucy (guitar), Nancy (guitar), Hong (bass), and Zhen (drums). Despite some members using feminine names, all members, past and present, are male.


Silver Ash was produced by the Gorgeous Devil Studio and Scream Records from 2000-2005. Guitarist Nancy left the band before they signed onto Scream Records. In 2005, they chose to leave Scream Records and were without a record label (and still are). Due to personal reasons, some of the Silver Ash members were forced to leave the band.

Guitarist Lucy was replaced by Yue. After much deliberation, Hong had to leave the band and was replaced by new bassist Yu. The latest addition to the band is Bai Niao (White Bird), on keyboard. Previously, Bai Niao was the vocalist and keyboardist of another Chinese visual kei band called Frozen Blood


* 未尽集 (6/2005)

1. White Dream (白色的梦)
2. 依赖 (Rely)
3. 独舞 (Dancing Alone)
4. 雪痕 (Snow Track)
5. 樱雪 (Flowering Cherry Snow)
6. 月残 X 樱雪 remix (Lunar Eclipse + Flowering Cherry Snow Remix)
7. 珊瑚泪 (Coral's Tear)
8. 葬花吟 (Flower Funeral Song)
9. SAD SONG (伤心的歌)
10. 眩觉 (Feeling Dizzy)

* ~蝶变~ Out of Control (2004/5)

2. RETURN 回歸
3. CRY 泣
4. 蝶变 (Metamorphosis)
5. 午夜 (Midnight)
6. 殇 (Die Young [lit. Dying Before Your Time])

* Never End (2003/1/2)

1. 序曲 (Overture)
2. 眠 (Sleep)
3. Seduction
4. Never End
5. Never End (卡拉版)

* 羽翼之祈愿篇 HOME VIDEO (2002)

3. MV:月残

* Silver Ash (2002/1/25)

1. Gorgeous Devil
2. 风琴 (Organum)
3. 谁 (Who)
4. Liar
5. 风之断崖 (Wind of the Broken Cliff)
6. 月残 (Lunar Eclipse)
7. 弥沙 (Suffused Sand)
8. twins-双生
9. 疏远 (Estrange)
10. 6月24日-望 (DEMO)(June 24th~look)

* 风琴 (2001/8/30)

2. 风琴 (ORGANUM)
3. 双生 (TWINS)



Silver Ash has been facing a lot of difficulties. The other band members had left Silver Ash temporarily to pursue their careers, leaving only Ling for a short period of time. They were also scheduled to tour the US in 2003-2004, but it was canceled due to the SARS scare. It was last heard that they were still without a record label as well, but were given various offers from Japanese record labels such as Avex Trax. They were previously signed to Toshiba-EMI but were released from the contract again due to government problems.

In the most recent news, Silver Ash held a live on August 30th with Japanese band, La'cryma Christi, particularly to be viewed by the record label SWEET-CHILD.

Their most recent release is the PV for a track named 海的女儿 (pinyin: Hai de nu'er). The title of the track roughly translates into Daughter of the Sea.

Silver Ash is currently playing live shows in China.

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